Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beyond Dubai....

Because of the Eid holiday, I told my driver to dress up for our trip to Al Ain yesterday. Al Ain is known as the Garden City of UAE. Again on a good day, it's about one and the half hour ride from Dubai. Not many high rising buildings like Dubai but many interesting tourist spots to make you want to come back again and again.....
The long and winding road up Mt Jabal Hafit makes me nervous...all the time. You see...I have altitude phobia. It's worsened by the crazy antics of my daredevil driver. Anyway, once u reach the top, you will be thoroughly swept away by the panaromic view. Being Eid holiday, it was exceptionally crowded. Saw a group of pakistani guys....happily dancing away (you can see a small crowd from the pic above)

"Excuse me..I like your dressing. Can I take a shot?"
"Where are u from?"
"Ok...Abdul...time to go. You have taken 20 shots already! Im not your photographer.Let's go to the zoo!"


Blogger Drama Div@ said...

happy hols to you..:P

4:29 AM

Blogger Peter said...

Just back from some crazy roads with drivers belieiving in destiny... and up to almost 5000 meters. But, as you say, it's worth it, once you are there!

11:26 AM

Blogger i*maginate said...

Nice pics. The 1st is really beautiful.

The 3rd is a work of art! ;-)

I luv Al Ain...

12:03 AM

Blogger Peter said...

So, I guess you are now more faebooking than blogging? For when the next post?

2:06 PM

Blogger Peter said...

I repeat my question!

12:57 PM

Blogger Peter said...

.... once more!

4:29 AM

Blogger Peter said...

... and once more!!!

4:06 AM

Blogger Zhanna said...

Hello Black Feline,
I really like your blog!!
You made me remember all fascinating moments, which I had during my trip to Al Ain.
Not many tourists know about this wonderful place, they prefer to visit Dubai, to see famous Dubai property.
As for me, Al Ain is comparable to Dubai, of course it does not have sky scrapers, but the beauty of nature is fascinating.

5:24 PM

Blogger Drama Div@ said...

are busy facebooking...i insist an update here!!

7:56 AM


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