Thursday, December 06, 2007


It is so hard to give up....i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only a few friends knew about this secret of mine. For the past two got worst! I had punched, poked, slapped, threw a turkey violently at someone...even howled like a wolf in the night...some nights i turned into a blood thirsty vampire...attacking my victims while they were sound all started when i joined FACEBOOK not too long ago.

Currently, Im undergoing "cold turkey"...slowly making my way back to Blogger. For those of you facing the same dilemma...i have a quick fix for you.

Go shop till you drop in Dubai...I love the "twisted" shop in Times Square...near Al Quoz. So apt!

The Wagamama japanese restaurant at Crowne another place to chill out for now...and get a beautiful T...packed in a nice little box to end off the meal!

Or have a "detoxifying" lunch at Saladicious Cafe..value for money!

Excuse me....will be back shortly...need to punch, slap, kick someone!


Blogger Drama Div@ said...

hahhaha. im done with facebook.. okay, not 100% done but my addiction period was over!!

1:25 PM

Blogger Peter said...

I guessed and later got it confirmed via Drama Div@ that you had been caught by the FACEBOOK virus! Happy that it's over and that you - as Drama Div@ - is now back in the blogging world! You are of course excused... Don't kick too violently!

1:55 PM

Anonymous Kanlaya said...

haha..same here - the addiction period was over too.. now it's pretty calm on my profile :-) ..mostly using for catch a good event from time to time.

By the way, that detoxifying lool Yummy hey!? Poke Poke..:-)

11:16 AM


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