Sunday, November 20, 2005

Biz: 11 things to do in Dubai

Towers in the Sky
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Forget the number passe. An additional 01 for thinking out of the box. If you ever thought of coming to Dubai(or any state in UAE) to make your dream comes setting up shop yourself a big favour by drilling the followings into your head. Doing biz here is a totally different ball game.
1. Do your homework thoroughly..due diligence is very vital. You cannot rely on others to do the groundworks. Make a short trip have a feel of the biz climax.
2. Remember two words for the rest of your life: Habibi and Alibaba.
Habibi..loosely for my love...everyone uses it is especially useful when u want to calm down a storm or get out of a sticky situation.(eg."Habibi..don't be angry..habibi..blah blah" For ladies, utter it with your most sexy if you just woke up. For guys..loud and exaggerated)
Alibaba..use it on those who talk BIG and never deliver..(eg."You stupid alibaba...Talk Only No Action!")However, I think this word is only popularly used on indians..who have the tendency to talk above what they can deliver.
3. Be humble...don't bring your bloody high and mighty attitude to bulldoze your partners to accept your ideas or for the matter..just anyone.It won't work!It's good for a change to act dumb.
4. Get a good partner, a good sponsor and a good PRO. This formidable trinity..either lift u up or drag u down to hell.Easier said than done..a good sense of biz acumen and people reading will help tremendously. Don't jump into bed with anyone that just comes along.
5. Never let your guard slips...there are many seasoned snakeoil peddlars around.
6. Understand the culture..adapt..DON"T judge.
7. Be prepared for many hiccups along the way..remember Dubai is evolving and seriously if you are from New York or London etc..don't expect things to run with clockwork efficiency.
8. For those urban dwellers..take up meditation to stay calm in all to laugh things off not only will make your stay also prolongs your life as well!
9. Relax with the locals over coffee or smoke shisha with them...adopt a relaxed attitude..they like u better that way. Thereafter, getting things done is a breeze.
10. Don't stick to your own kind..venture out and mingle around.
11. If you need more detailed information..feel free to drop me a line.Build your network..


Blogger TC said...

Hi there, tks for the infor.Maybe when I go to Damasus Syria next I can drop by as I transit via Dubai.I have been in Dubai a few times and I like it except that its quite expensive,esp the cabs.


9:06 PM

Blogger black feline said...

yes..u are right to a certain extent..prices are escalating esp in the real estate sector..however, if u stay around Deira..just across BUr Dubai..separated by a creek..things are much much cheaper..good luck!

5:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip,i will keep this in my mind when i am in dubai.

9:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thinking about coming over as a corporate a white, blonde single chick is Dubai still a good place to live and work? Or is it a real boys club?

10:08 AM

Blogger black feline said...

absolutely..u will be flavor of the just fact many foreign investors need a good corporate lawyer..Dubai is like a two edged sword..opportunities abound..but many crooks as well.
Other than the hot weather..i think u will love it's very cosmo..happening place. Go for it!Do check out this web portal started by a capable caucasian lady in

12:19 PM

Blogger miz said...

i just recently visited dubai for the 2nd time, for the big 5 expo. Great it and the ppl, but i'm not sure if i've got the right impression of it. I know that there is some shoplifting and violence, but what else? I just need to clarify what Dubai is really like. - i saw the tower u were talking about, unreal!

7:25 AM

Blogger black feline said...


if u are only passing's difficult to gauge..u need to stay for at least 3 mths to feel the vibe..generally it's a safe place..really it depends what u are looking for..

8:40 AM


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