Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Gestapo from Lebanon Part 02

2004-11-06_Beirut 102a
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"Musa, what is this?"
He burst into his usual guffaw.
In Dubai, there are many lebanese restaurants..Automatic Restaurant with many outlets is pretty well known. Why it is called AUTOMATIC? I really don't know..sushi on conveyor belt..that i can fully understand...
Anyway, my initiation to lebanese food started off with this big metal plate of greens...almost like they had rooted out the entire backyard garden!..not your normal salad...they came in their original forms..carrots, cucumbers, huge cabbage....etc
"Musa, are they feeding cows?"
"No, they want you to enjoy the visual..if they chop them into tiny bits..u will not know what u are eating!"
"Visit Lebanon wih me this Christmas..beautiful..Dubai is concrete jungle..we have Tripolis, Beirut..."
"On two conditions..u pay for the air ticket and guarantee my safety in Beirut"
"Sure..i will visit your tomb every year after your visit to Beirut...hahahahahahahahah!"

"What are u doing at the dormitory? Im keen to know..let's go tomorrow morning."
"No problem...hahahahah"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do they eat meat in dubai?can't inmagine christmas without turkey.

9:08 AM

Blogger black feline said...

yes..they do..human too..just kidding!

11:32 AM


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