Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Gestapo from Lebanon Part 03

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Several months ago..during the long hot summer..there was a mini chicken pox epidemic in the company..about 20 workers at the domitory were infected.Luckily, it stopped at the magic number...Musa the Great took upon himself the task to be the mother hen cum warden to educate the poor boys from India..the importance of hygiene.Very noble indeed..however i smelled a rat..hidden agenda.
We arrived at the dormitory early in the morning..located at the Al Quoz Industrial Park. During the journey, Musa was having a big fight with the chaffeur..the issue at large? He was unhappy that Madin, the driver was putting on perfume???????? and he threatened to report him to the local sponsor later.
The 30 odd night shift workers were in dreamland...He woke them up..shouting like prison warden. They have to stand by beds while he inspected every corners of the rooms.. as he approached the guys..he sized them up and down..and while he was giving them tips on how to keep clean..his fingers were on their faces, bared bodies...and he SMILED.
This routine is on...every alternate day...strange habit!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cruel man,what is he doin now?

9:03 AM

Blogger black feline said...

i dont think he's mean..that's his hobby

11:31 AM


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