Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Gestapo from Lebanon Part 01

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He laughed whenever I called him if it was a compliment.I smiled wryly...
Musa is the PRO (Public Relations Officer)...a privileged position in Dubai...most of them rule with an iron fist. He is like the court eunuch..always smiling with a dagger behind..that's Musa. Each day, he arrives in the office at 10am..if he likes's darling here and there..otherwise u belong to the kennel!His main tasks are visa application and medical check-up arrangements for staff and workers..lately, he has added another feather to his cap..self appointed dormitory (for site workers) warden...back to that a bit later. He leaves the office at 3pm while the rest including the impotent(yes..correct word) boss work their butts out! That's Musa for u..and the local sponsor,his good friend (mine too) endorsed it!
Musa is in his late 50s..he looks like Danny DeVito the short and bald actor..only less talented.He is a jewish from Lebanon..his young daughter was killed in a riot..and his only son is also working in Dubai..thank God..his 1.8 frame and movie star look is from the mother's side.
Surprisingly, Musa gel well with me..No..Im not the other half of the evil twins! He's like a grand uncle to me..
Spies abound in the whenever Musa needs to share some inside infor with me..we will adjourn to the roof top via a door liked glass window which nobody knows about. "Lisen carefully..I have somezing bery important to tell u.." remember the bimboish french resistance fighter from the hit british series 'allo 'allo? that's her opening line! Musa actually uttered those words..well..almost...LOL.

Shhhhhhh....he's coming...will continue again soon...ciao!


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