Monday, December 19, 2005

The Accidental Tourist

"Each of us, regardless of where we are in the journey of life, are constantly moving somewhere, whether drifting off the path or moving ahead with our eyes firmly set on the final prize. Yet our journey, the adventure of life, is more than simply moving toward a destination, it’s a mindset about the journey itself."

The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler (one of most favorite writers..lots of quirky characters) tells the story of a travel writer,(in the movie played by William Hurts) who goes through life shielding himself from being affected by things.
Many of us, working or simply lured here by exotic tales in Dubai have the tendency to rant about anything under the sky ...the horrible traffic, the rude locals, the killing weather, the third world service,the smell,the unreasonable laws, the inefficient government agencies..etc I think we are missing a bigger picture of life...perhaps if we could.for once..just once..take a walk downtown..under the scourging sun..away from the comforts of an air-con environment..soak into the atmosphere of the Bastakiya by day..mingle with the crowd..enjoy a ride down the creek on a dhow..simple pleasure will do and believe me: YOU WILL NOT DIE! In fact, Im quite sure it will makes u a better being...a little bit more appreciative.
Maybe, u are really here by accident..what the heck..just make the bests of your stay here..u are in transit anyway..why be miserable?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was on telly here not too long ago and it was very good. Enjoyed it very much.

7:48 PM

Blogger black feline said...


saw the movie long ago...that started me reading most of the works by Anne Tyler..another of my favorite..I think it's called ST. ElSEWHERE...nice little poignant tale..

12:40 PM


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