Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Next 100 years

Not too long ago..Dr. Stephen Hawking posed a thought provoking question at Yahoo! Answer:
How can the human race survive the next hundred years?
In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?

I do not have a rocket science degree...I am just a restless feline sniffing around..:)I do not pretend to comprehend the depth of such a profound question. However, I like to make some predictions:
1. By then, I am pretty sure all of us will be blogging somewhere else (a no suspect those who rant too much will continue ranting at a place much much hotter than
2. The Middle East conflict will continues..IF they are still around 10 (not 100) years later.
3. I think UAE will be the next formidable superpower on the world stage...a beacon for the Modern Islamic World. Perhaps, much much earlier than the 100 years!
4. Dubai will be so developed that the future generations can only view specimen of sands in the museum.
5. Dubai will be COMPLETELY enclosed by a glass dome that is fully air con within. However, those annoying ranters will continue to complain: It's too f##king cold !!!!
6. No more real love...everything is for self gratificat........................................STOP...Sorry just dropped my crystal ball!
Anyway...I think I might still be around..a feline is blessed with 9 lives...:)
So...does it matter to you? what about the next 10 years instead? Are u pessimistic or do u see a ray of hope? share your thoughts.


Blogger Cergie said...

Human males will desappear and perhaps all Humanity and you know why ?
I read that chromosome "Y", chromosome which does boys is becoming from generation to generation smaller and smaller. It can never meet another chromosome "Y" and regenerate.
Chromosome "X" is strong and big. Each girl got 2 "X".

That's true, That's true, really.
And even we dont have atomic war, we'll disappear such as other species did.

Not tomorrow not in 100 years, but soon however it will arrive !

3:22 PM

Blogger Cergie said...

This picture is beautiful, Black Feline.
Beautiful !

3:24 PM

Blogger junebee said...

I won't be around in 100 years and neither will my kids, but maybe their kids will.

In the next 10 years I think people will be using other forms of transportation on a personal level. There will probably still be gasoline-powered trucks and heavy equipment, but individuals and families will be driving electric or solar-powered vehicles. More people will work from home due to the Internet. We will lose more freedoms in America due to the fight against terrorism.

The U.S., Western Europe and Industrialized Asia will have to rely on immigrants to fill jobs and beef up tax roles, since birth rates are at historic lows in all these countries.

11:13 PM

Blogger The Wanderer said...

The Wanderer reads, apologizing for not having time to write as he prepares for his epic Himalayan bike adventure..

From the urban desert to the innocent cool hills..coming soon..


12:15 PM

Blogger halfmanhalfbeer said...

Black Feline: I don't lose any sleep over it but there are times when I really do think that our generation is handing over to our children a world that is screwed up beyond repair. It is very sad.

There will be a pic on my site as soon as I can get it to work. I have been trying and trying to upload a pic with no success for about a week. If you want to help talk me through it email me on


12:28 PM

Blogger April said...

it's not even 6am here yet. i have to have some coffee before i answer any questions like the ones you pose. i have a feeling though that everything will move faster: cars, computers, pedestrians. and i think the faster things go, the more careless and aggressive human beings become. our brains were not designed to absorb information at the speed in which we drive. we were not designed to go so fast. but here we are. speeding through (and past) humanity.

2:05 PM

Blogger halfmanhalfbeer said...

Black Feline, quick, picture posted! Hurry before it goes!!


4:31 PM

Blogger Stephen Bess said...

I don't know either, but I don't think that things will get any better. They will get worse first.

6:00 PM

Blogger BionicBuddha said...

I don't know...but I think the people of Dubai will be quite wealthy!

7:03 AM

Blogger jac said...

well ! I see there are 9 comments only like the 9 lifes of feline
I want to add one and make it 10.

Another 100 yrs nothiung is going to change.

1:15 PM

Blogger black feline said...

cergie...gee..that's scary stuff! hope the smart scientists will find a cure for this defect...otherwise the male species will start panicking NOW! lol
Junebee...the last bit is so real..apparently back home...the government is literally begging the people to get pregnant!
wanderer...good luck for your next trip..and get back blogging soon :)
halfmanhalfbeer..looking at the beautiful pic of your family..i think there is hope for the future :)
april..u are spot on...rushing thru everything..that's why so much misunderstandings!
stephen...hopefully in the midst of chaos..something beautiful will turn out!
bionicbuddha..what a provocative moniker! love it! your site too...very creative! There are many rich people in Dubai now...excluding
jac...thank u for the lucky number...u are most welcome!Maybe u got a point...nothing changes under the sun..provided the sun is still around

5:20 PM

Blogger Balushi said...

look carefully and u will see that this world is designed to end.

Look and look again!

6:22 PM

Blogger Crystal said...

I'm in the "ray of hope" camp! The Middle East is probably gonna always be in conflict, that became their destiny the minute Israel was created, but the rest of the world is definitely becoming more peaceful. North/Central/South America, Europe, most of Asia and Africa---there's only peace there. Oh, and people are healthier and more affluent than ever, even those in developing nations.

11:12 PM

Blogger San Nakji said...

People always forget Oceania... :( We are pretty peaceful too! Except for the black sheep of the family, the Solomon Islands! What drugs is Hawking taking this week? Politically and Socially the world has always been in a state of flux, what is different now? Environmentally, we are in for some problems. Your ideas about Dubai are nice and all, but you forget one thing. Lack of water. Unless desalination becomes a viable option, the sustainable popualtion on the Arabian peninsula will be very small. They say the next major war will be over water and I believe that. Already Egypt is fighting with its' neighbours over the Nile. Water is life! Fortunately we have plenty of water here, I reckon NZ will be the next great superpower! Water Superpower! Yeah!

1:22 AM

Blogger black feline said...

Baluchi...where?????? u mean there's a plug i can pull off? and the whole world just fizzle off like a balloon?lol
crystal...may i add..if honest politicians work hard to eradicate poverty...that will definitely be good news ahead for our future generations...the worst enemy is from unrest caused by unequal distribution of wealth!
nakji...ya u r right..the oceania community...i alway believe as long as they keep themselves safe from greedy bizpeople from outside...they should enjoy many years of bliss! By the way, Singapore's Hyflux is actually helping Dubai build 2 seawater desalination plants!

7:22 AM

Blogger Balushi said...

well bf, i am more worried about Next 10 days!! to be honest.

3:55 PM

Blogger Tainted Female said...

I’m not going to comment on these thoughts because like you I’m not sure I can comprehend the depth of such a question, just now. But, I think you forgot to mention the fact that all the (great-)grandchildren of the people who recently bought homes in the Emirates, will find themselves homeless because of the 99-year-ownership terms here. How much time do you think the residents will be given prior to an eviction notice? A hundred years is a long time for ownership papers and details to still be lying around the house in plain view of the residents.

12:46 AM

Blogger kingfisher said...


I think that in 100 years most of Dubai is going to be under water! Global warming is going to flood us all... gurgle gurgle... "better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone..." (dylan). The good news is that the Arabian Ranches will be waterfront property! The Burj Al Arab will have been turned into a lighthouse! Yippeeee! LOL


9:25 AM

Blogger Ruben said...

People have become vile that I think we will replace the cockroaches in terms of longevity.

9:26 AM

Blogger black feline said...

baluchi...what's happening next ten days? Janet looking for u?
Queen tainted...maybe better solution is just rent a place..less headache...lo
kingfisher...i suspect u are Nostrademus you are mistaken...that's Alantis my that a punishment? for the cockroaches or mankind? die young vs long life?lol

4:40 PM

Anonymous nabeel said...

HOW to survive is not the problem or the question .. the problem is if we WANT to survive and live in harmony. We have the how's and to's .. we don't have the will to do it though.

10:36 PM


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