Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Black Cat Cafe

Gee..someone actually started a cafe in honour of me..in Ho Chi Minh City! Just kidding :)
Anyway...this cafe was voted by CNN in 2006 as one of Top Ten must try in the world. Love the funky place..the 70s feel to it. The burger..though not my cup of tea..is a MUST TRY...a regular 1.4kg cheese burger to knock the socks out of u! And if you are throwing a birthday bash...order the 10 kg burger cake!!!!!!!!!! The master of the house (a guy from California) and his local wife have a winner here! I will definitely be back..meow!


Blogger Peter said...

I hope that, thanks to your name if nothing else, they offered you at least a small burger, free of charge! Or...maybe the "Black Feline" does not appear on your passport?

12:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't understand the reason why the owner of the joint sells such a gigantic burger in such a rice and noodle place like Viet Nam. perhaps, poor marketing research, i know most Vietnameses don't like to eat hamburger, so forget about they'd eat a huge one, maybe out of curiosity once in a blue moon.
if they want to sell "foreign" taste, I'd suggest they should sell barbecue pork, chicken, duck or even .......cat ???? :)

9:44 PM

Blogger Drama Div@ said...

i think the main target is the foreigners not local ppl like Leopold Café in Mumbai...

7:19 AM

Blogger kingfisher said...

Cool, your name is becoming more famous BF!
Keep on bloggin' in the free world.

10:20 AM

Blogger Stephen Bess said...

*smile* We also have a club here in DC called "The Black Cat." It's a venue for live alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, etc. It's a cool spot. Are they representing you well? :)

1:11 AM

Blogger San Nakji said...

Giant burgers? I am there! ;)

Time to open a Black Cat chain in NZ too. Will you open it personally?

8:00 AM

Blogger Cergie said...

Thazt's nice, a coffee shop called black cat !!!
You know, BF, I was in the south of France and visited a blog-friend. She has six cats, one is red but the five others are black If you are interrested I can send to you some pictures...
I have never seen a black feline having white hair...

5:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for your kind words! as the owner, chef of black cat I think its important that everyone esp the guy who thinks that Vietnamese dont eat burgers needs to come here and see!.

We also sell vietnamese food and its been my passion for 24 years from California to here. Our goal at Black cat is to show Vietnamese real american and western food cooked from scratch! no pun there!

While fast food is now coming here and doing its damage as well as the over use of MSG here in Vietnam and Asia we strive to make everything home made from the pickles to the (cat)cup, bagels, brownies, sausage, pancakes, whole wheat bread. fresh baked english muffins etc...

I can go on and on but our goal is to show this wonderful Nation with its lovely food (mostly) I have a duty to bring healthy foods here to counteract KFC and others.

I also have been cooking Vietnamese food for 245 years now and bring the same ideas of clean and healthy food to thier recipes when I teach at the cooking schools or on guest TV shows.

Vietnamese food here is in a crisis and full of bad additives and poor food quality due to the economy and just plain saving money.

We are now starting to see change in the food here and with Vietnam opening up and starting to improve the food here as this will eventually effect Vietnamese food oversees.

Black cat also serves 1000 kids a day healthy home made food at the international schools. They have 60% vietnamese children and it gives us the ability to teach better eating habits.

So in the land of rice and noodles even the Vietnamese want food from other parts of the world just like we have in the US.

Thanks for all your kind words and your support.

11:18 AM


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