Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bosses from Hell Part 01

Strength in numbers
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If you think David Brent of the hit BBC's series "the Office" is mean..wait till you read the following accounts of bosses from hell..they make the obnoxious Mr. Brent looks like a lamb.

Tibby is from the province of Bulacan, Philippines...she has a degree in Electrical Engineering..married with a 3 yr old daughter. It was a difficult decision..the husband has being jobless for a while...many bills to pay.
When she first arrived in Dubai..she was a bubbly her late 30s...with high anticipation. The boss is from an asian country..if u must know..a typical chinese towkay from a small island in the sun...
Instead of engineering works..she was asked to do admin support...a total disaster from the start! She is not a systematic person...hates sense of filing..BUT she is really a nice lady. They are paying her a mere basic of 1500 Dhm excluding transportation and accomodation. As days passed..the boss and his wife began to pick on her..for every single small mistake. Initially, she was staying with them...she was given a comfortable room. Later, she was asked to occupied the maid's tiny quarter instead.Every night, she has to help in the cooking as day was marketing with the dumb and ugly wife who never failed to put in a word or two to the boss about her 'bad' conduct.
On most off days, she was the poor caged bird..the boring couple preferred to stay at home staring at the telly..thus without the transport, Tibby was stuck.. she cried herself to sleep every night...two months ago, she plucked up her courage and shifted out..they were outraged but could not do anything. Though Tibby is still with the company..she is so much happier now living with her filipino friends.
Generally, based on my observations..asian bosses, especially of the chinese stock, are the worst..compared to their western counterparts...they are petty, insecure, domineering and extremely unreasonable and vindictive. One important point to note..if you ever choose to work with them..stay away from their wives..believe me..u rather work with Joan Collins! Tibby shared a little joke with me lately: the wife was caught by the Manager of the Biz Centre for stealing papers from the photocopying
Watch for the next posting..more ugly bosses!


Blogger sky said...

I try not to generalise in every area of my life, but I've come to believe that if you put a "minority" in a position of power, they will tend to take it to the extreme.

Don't get me wrong though, horrible people like the ones you've described come in every shape or form.

Bosses from hell need a reality check...who made them gods in the first place? Why on earth does power make us oblivious to people's feelings?

Looking forward to more boss from hell stories..:)

12:44 AM

Blogger black feline said...

once it became so bad..when that stupid boss and his wife snapped at her..she actually trembled. Never in her life..she told me..was she ever subjected to such humiliation..and worst she was affected badly..anyway, as mentioned, she's much happier now. You know what? the first day when she shifted out..she gave herself a having a new hair do.

5:25 AM


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