Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bosses from Hell Part 02

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Get this picture in your mind..the Burj Dubai Project..the next tallest building in the world..feeble looking and panting old folks (in their late 50s)walking up and down the temporary steps...under the scourging sun..working as supervisors!
How on earth they got in..is beyond me. Anyway, i knew 3 such supervisors for the project...employed by a company..yes u are rite again...from a little island in the sun.The illiterate boss is a chinese. He was able to con them out of their semi retirement by promising good life in Dubai. They are paid peanuts..3000 dhm per month inclusive of accomodation and transportation. Only workmen's compensation and no other insurance coverage at all..working 6 and the half days week. All 3 have high blood pressure, heart disease and diabete..on medication. I met Mr. Koh once on the 2nd floor..he was literally panting like a dog..he complained of dizzy spell..still shouting at his indian workers in a hoarse voice..he speaks no english."I dont think i can last another day"...I told him half in jest "Ya..u are rite..otherwise u will be returning home in a black box" He only lasted a week..packed up and went home to be with his grandchildren. On site, safety is serious biz...on a wall at the canteen..there's a poster that said "work safely..your family is waiting for u at home"
Another granddaddy complained of chest pain while he was working on the 3rd flr..the supervisor was later admitted to the Iranian Hospital..for suspected heart attack..3 days 2 nites at the cost of 7500 dhm...no insurance coverage. I warned him..next time he would not be that lucky. Upon discharge he was up on the 3rd flr again..fearing his boss will ask him to pack up. However, the cunning boss praised him for his good working attitude...a good example for all?
I think it is terrible..exploitation of the highest order..cheap labour at the expense of one's life. The medical check-up only involves blood test and x-ray..quite impossible to know the real condition, especially of these older workers. Really hope the authorities will tighten their grip on such matter and eventually punish the errant bosses who care nothing about lives only their big fat pocket!


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