Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mother and Child

My favorite spot at the Burjumun Mall is definitely the area decked with red and black designer sofa sets. You could take a breather after u have burst all your major credit cards on branded stuff. Above u, you could marvel at the blue Zodiac might ease your headache a bit, I guess. You could also enjoy watching beautiful emirati children having  a ball..running up and down..the spiral stairway.

I remember an interesting episode that happened not too long ago. A little emirati boy was running all over the place with his group of friends. Their laughter echoed the entire place. Then, in a surreal moment..a group of emirati their beautiful embroidered abayas (traditional dress) with shining beads at the helm levels and sleeves ends..and the shaylas (traditional veil) as well..descended down the spiral stairway. Instantaneously, the boy stopped his game and rushed towards them...AND instinctively, hugged one particular veiled woman. There were 7 of them..all veiled..yet he was able to recognise the mother! I smiled...the bond between a mother and a barriers could separate them. It must be universal.


Blogger Crystal said...

Wow, that is pretty amazing, but you're right that kids have that instinct and can easily spot "mommy" in a crowd. UAE sounds very exotic.

8:29 AM

Blogger jai said...

identifying mummy in the middle of a crowd...
actually it depends on quite few things.. i think it is something that helped the kid identify his mum.. we are bad in it. it is like how all butterflies appear similar to a venture capitalist and how it appears distinct to a entomologist..

8:48 AM

Blogger jai said...

oh i forgot .. thank you for your wishes.. hope i will blog for ever..

8:49 AM

Blogger black feline said...

Hi friends,

Crystal..u are a seasoned visit Dubai u will love it here.

Jai..hope u blog forever..u must have a lot to share

10:51 AM


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