Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bosses from Hell Part 03

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He hit them with his helmet.. "Stupid!u understand english or not? one more mistake..i will send u back to India! u understand?" He is only a supervisor on site but like to boss around.In his 50s..again from a small island in the sun...crude, vulgar and I think..the real personification of EVIL. When he cannot get his message across..most of the times..he gets abusive..verbally and physically. His fellow comrade in crimes..from china..a fairly decent bloke was hailed once by the old toad for hitting a worker. Most of the workers from India do not speak english and they just bear with it for fear of losing their rice bowl.
Coming back to the old toad..he likes to brag about his pasts..not so glorious one. He was a pimp, loanshark, gambling den owner..etc before..in his little island in the sun..was imprisoned for a couple of times. Once, he lamented to me.."I'm here in Dubai for almost 5 mths and I can't get a chicken (a term for hooker in his dialect)!" The main contractor wanted him out of the project many times..imcompetent performance..thank his lucky star..his immediate boss will always be there to cover up for him. Heard they are related.
Earlier this year..a group of 60 workers supplied by the local manpower actually walked out of him for a day..cross my heart..the old man wet his pants..lol. Subsequently, he apologised for his bad behavoir and promised to treat them with decency...not for long though.
Those local manpower suppliers knew his weaknesses..liquor, massage and women. So with a little sweetener in those areas...he treats their workers slightly better...again for a short while. During the hot months of July/August this year..he refused to let the workers have the two hours mandatory rest time until some of them threatened to report him.
With his unkempt look..the same long sleeved shirt..day in day out..grey pants with the bottom ends tug into a pair of black socks..a Bob the Builder yellow helmet..and to top it all..a small schoolbag slings across his chest..he looks pathetic!


Blogger Karea said...

I've read all three Bosses from Hell posts, and personally, if I had to put up with it, I'd be in jail for mass murder. I work for an asian employer who speaks little english, needing his nephew, who grew up in the states, to translate half the time. I have to work 6 8-t0 hour days and only by threatening to quit did I get mondays off as well as sundays. The man is sweet when he wants to be, he's never gotten snotty with me. The first time he does, he gets a very broad vocabulary lesson in cuss words as he watches my back go out the door.

8:19 AM

Blogger black feline said...

lol..u are wicked..good idea..i should do a series on mass murderess..lol

9:21 AM

Blogger TwinTopaz said...

hi guys..

what do u think..who are the worst employers..Asians, Arabs, Europeans (any Particuler nationality??)

i think its Arabs ;)

11:10 AM

Blogger black feline said...


Based on my experience..the arabs are mostly misunderstood..i have worked (in biz capacity) with several local sponsors in Dubai...they are my best friends..u have to understand their culture and give them due respect. I had also worked with a french conglomerate..snobbish but generally fun people..indians? u must have a strong heart and stamina..lol..they use different time zone..lol..chinese..sigh..one word..SELFISH and MEAN..they make sure they milk u dry and then discard u.It's a fact..all over the world.

6:37 PM

Blogger Crystal said...

It is so unfortunate when a bad boss ruins what could be a good job. I am in that same situation, I love my coworkers and we are a tight knit department of 15, and the job is easy so I'm really comfortable, yet I clash with my boss on an at least weekly basis. As a result, I will be searching for a new job come January, it is not worth the stress to stay and put up with such a mean-spirited person.

8:32 AM

Blogger black feline said...

hi crystal,

u can survive anywhere...i mean it..in any part of the world..u r a global citizen..Good luck to u!

10:49 AM


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