Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Have a Kit Kat

My personal barber is on leave for 3 mths..back in Pakistan. He has not gone back for almost four years. Before he left..I sold him mine Sony Erisson T610 for 200,000 dhm (2 yr old)..not bad..and he must be pretty rich too.
Someone enquired about Sharjah on the message board. I do have several suppliers from there...normally it takes me an hour to reach Sharjah. In contrast, you don't see many spectacular landmarks, but in its own quiet way, Sharjah is quite charming. Furthermore, things are much cheaper than Dubai. If you are sourcing for 2nd hand items such as photo copier, furnitures..etc there are plenty to be found.
Once, I took an illegal taxi from Sharjah to Dubai...trying to save cost. It ended costing more and I had a spat with the nasty taxi driver too.Don't try it..not worth it unless you are Madam Julie Zhu from China.She has several businesses in Sharjah and travels to Dubai via taxi (legal and illegal)frequently. Once she had a big spat with a taxi driver in the middle of Bank St in Bur Dubai..she felt she was taken for a ride and refused to pay. Finally, the man in green arrived..our dear Mdm Julie Zhu transformed herself immediately into a helpless damsel in distress or puss in boots (as seen in Shrek 2)..eventually the taxi driver was reprimanded by the police and she left without paying a single cent. I was only a passer-by but thanks to her, i was dragged into the tussle to be her translator.
In Dubai, do be careful when you are travelling on the taxi alone. If you are a guy, of asian origin not take the front seat.To date, I have met syrian taxidriver, egyptian taxidriver, sri lankan, indian, pakistan..etc Mostly are friendly and it's not difficult to chat them up.However, I do find pakistani drivers, generally..are a bit over friendly toward guys..sexual innuendo is not uncommon..really. Once, this crazy crap told me he reads the palms and asked me to show mine..he grapped hold and said he likes my tanned skin.."very nice and smooth!" I nearly threw up..fortunately I uttered the phrase" Shalom ma akum..hello brother, im a muslim too" Instantly, he dropped the grip. For the rest of the journey, i prayed really hard and thank God..reached my destination safely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you male or female blackfeline? just curious

12:47 PM

Blogger black feline said...


thanks for your actually a persian CAT..under a spell by the wicked snow witch of Narnia..can u help me?

7:54 PM

Blogger genesis said...

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Blogger black feline said...

thanks for dropping by..will get back to your suggestion asap.

5:44 PM

Blogger Karea said...

thanks for greeting me at my diary. Brightened it up just for you *grin*

7:26 PM

Blogger black feline said...

wow..the pink is definitely u..i can feel the good vibe already for u..keep it up!

7:50 PM


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