Monday, September 29, 2008

One of those days

...when the tyre punctured! Rafir, my driver is back from his one month vacation in Pakistan. It must be a joy for his wife and 3 young daughters to see their father again after such a long period. I remember the months of waiting for him just to get the visa approval. To and fro...checking on the status.

By the way, I wasn't in the car or outside watching as he fixed the tyre! In fact, he's almost done with the change and the punctured tyre at the back...lying on the ground was placed there by yours truly! lol

A blue camel!

lol....just kidding. But seriously, it was a pleasant surprise to see a couple of demure camels in a shopping mall....specifically at the Deira City Centre. Both the kids and adults alike love the idea. I bet the camels love it too...away from the heat for a change.