Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sunny and Boring...

Currently in Singapore...should be back in Dubai next week. Only thing exciting so far...saw a BIG YELLOW UFO..Yawn. Anyone can tell me which organisation should I submit the photos for verification? Pls advise.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Better than Barbie Dolls...

I love "No Frills" airport. The newly opened Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Vietnam is a good example. For a start, checking in and out is a bliss. At least the immigration officers do not ask stupid questions such as: "What are you doing here?", "Why the photo not same?", "What you give me?"...etc In addition, they do not ask you to remove your shoes, belt, laptop...and mobile, keys, coins in a separate basket....etc Once in Singapore...I was informed to check in 3 hours earlier on the eve of my departure because some "high flying" ministers will be on board. On the actual day...we have two thorough search by over-zealous officers. Once was at the checking in counter...they opened up ALL your bags...going thru EVERY items within. the waiting area...another round of humiliating assault.
While waiting for my flight...I had a cuppa at the cafe. "A brilliant idea to showcase the local handicrafts!" I thought. One feet tall figurines were placed on tables depicting the locals engaging in different trades. They look real...better than airhead Barbie Dolls!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Black Cat Cafe

Gee..someone actually started a cafe in honour of Ho Chi Minh City! Just kidding :)
Anyway...this cafe was voted by CNN in 2006 as one of Top Ten must try in the world. Love the funky place..the 70s feel to it. The burger..though not my cup of a MUST TRY...a regular 1.4kg cheese burger to knock the socks out of u! And if you are throwing a birthday bash...order the 10 kg burger cake!!!!!!!!!! The master of the house (a guy from California) and his local wife have a winner here! I will definitely be back..meow!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Where R U ?

Well...this is my 2nd day in Ho Chi Minh City! No joke...I am there to meet several clients and for the VietBuild 2007 exhibition.Upon arrival yesterday...I was pleasantly surprised by the newly opened International Airport...not too fanciful but pretty efficient. Well done Ho Chi Minh!
Tired of the regular pho (vietnamese noodle soup with chicken or beef), I tried the snake fish noodle soup (Bun Ca Mien Tay) at the Buncamita Restaurant. The taste is just out of the world! ..refreshingly clean and tangy. A must try for all visitors! It's raining cats and dogs...sheer madness but frankly I love it...a break from the heat in Dubai...:)

Uptown Mirdif

Quick!...get out of the city if you are forever complaining about the heat, the traffic..blah, blah's only 20 mins away on a good day from Bur Dubai. I am talking about Mirdif! The Uptown Mall is different from your regular mega malls in Dubai. And put this on your "must try" list...the tim sum at the newly opened "Ta Shi Dai" restaurant is simply divine! I will publicly declared here.. it is the best in Dubai as far as authentic chinese cuisine is concerned...the rest is just CRAP!

Doing the Hump...

Do not think dirty...the hump is actually sand dune bashing! I did it 3 times b4...all during winters. This time around...during the hot summer. If you are visiting Dubai for the very first time, it is a MUST to do the desert safari on a 4WD. Fun, fun, fun...all the way.
There were 8 of us in the Ethopian father with his 2 lovely daughters, an indian couple (a fat aunty with her pompous looking hubby), 2 noisy iranian guys and myself.
Along the way...we took pictures with the menacing falcon..for a mere 5 Dhm.
The iranian guys were arguing farsi..I think. Luckily, I was given the best seat...besides the driver.
Soon we approached the dunes...the real fun started. Lots of screaming and laughter. 15 mins later...
" Stop! STOP! STOP! " the fat aunty wailed.
"I can't take it anymore! I want to vomit!"
Instead of comforting the poor lady, the idiotic husband was shouting at her.
"SHUT UP! Shame on you!" he screamed at her. I was trying to control my laughter. The driver stopped several times for her to throw up until our final destination...a barbecue dinner in the middle of the desert. The night closed with lots of crazy dancing led by a voluptuous belly dancer. The iranian guys invited me to their hotel for more fun..Part 2.
"We eating, drinking, lancing and enjoy...hahahahahahahahahahaha!"