Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Letter From Cousin Manju

Dear Cousin Blackfeline,

It's drama of the lowest order back home!....F##k the IMF/WB Conference!...we are in the news again.. worldwide.. for all the wrong reasons. You see...our over zealous government tried to ban 27 civil groups from entering Singapore...labelling them as dangerous elements. However, at the 11th hour,they backed off due to tremendous pressure from the IMF/WB. They agreed to let 22 groups in..the other 5 will have to wait for further instructions. What a ludicrous disaster! And they wanted us to smile...4 millions to be exact...for the delegates. I snubbed their request. Instead, i had sent out an urgent message to our entire clan around the be on full alert. For the female delegates...scratch their faces...for the guys...AIM LOW!
Anyway...Im sending u this letter to let u know Im now officially crowned the Queen of Little India in Singapore! Everybody adores me...they love to squeeze my tummy. Unfortunately, some got carried I scratched them real hard! That's the fun
This will also be my last mail to u know our status are different now. You are just an ordinary feline. I will appreciate if you stop contacting me again. Thank you.

Yours Royal Highness,
Queen Manju

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Speak Up!


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

International MisFired

The last IMF/World Bank Conference was hosted by Dubai...yes 2003. Not surprisingly...there was ABSOLUTELY NO public demonstrations at all. The activists would have died of heat stroke! Anyway, the authorities actually erected an air con tent for those who wanted to beat their chests and cry out loud. NO ONE used it. I thought the ranting expats would have seize the occasion to complain about the traffic, weather...etc
16,000 delegates will arrive on the shore of our little country Singapore...tomorrow 10 September 2006 for a 10 days NON event. Like Dubai, a designated indoor (out of bound to the locals)hall has been designated for the traditional demonstrations by civil groups.It's really a no brainer why Singapore was chosen...public demonstrations are prohibited and press freedom are restricted so that the delegates can enjoy their free holiday without any hassle. Issues discussed will be mere lip service.
Apparently, it was reported a young activist arrived earlier..and she put herself in a tiny chicken cage in front of a KFC joint...protesting against cruelty to animals. She was clothed only in a tiny yellow bikini! Subsequently she was given the boot...escorted out of the country!

I pray for more of such hilarious moments...during the 10 days NON event.

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