Friday, July 29, 2005

New idea for our economy

A fantastic story from the NY Times’s Juan Forero:

EL ALTO, Bolivia - In her red multilayered skirt, white pumps and gold-laced shawl, the traditional dress of the Aymara people, Ana Polonia Choque might well be preparing for a night of folk dancing or, perhaps, a religious festival.

But as Carmen Rosa, master of the ring and winner of 100 bone-crunching bouts in Bolivia’s colorful wrestling circuit, she is actually dressing for a night of mayhem.

With loyal fans screaming out her name, she climbs the corner ropes high above the ring, bounces once for momentum and flies high, arms outstretched for maximum effect. To the crowd’s delight, the dive flattens her adversary, María Remedios Condori, better known as Julia la Paceña (Julia from La Paz).

This, ladies and gentlemen, is “lucha libre,” Bolivia’s version of the wacky, tacky wrestling extravaganzas better known as World Wrestling Entertainment in the United States and Triple A in Mexico, which serve as a loose model. But there are no light shows, packed arenas or million-dollar showmen.

The newpapers with its free magazines especially on the weekend (Friday) are, plainly speaking, thousand times better than our mediocre straits times, TODAY..etc after so many years we are still fed with boring local many times do u and i need to be reminded we have chicken rice and chay kway teow? it's about time they give us international or regional news, written by their own staff.Otherwise, I suggest u dump them.I alway look forward to all these free mags..and with a cup of aromatic coffee..make it two.Today, read this interesting article...look at the flying charbo!

Anyway, i think women wrestling bolivian style might work in Singapore. TMP, take note, this might revive your popularity in the market. For a start, i have short listed a few likely candidates for such fun time: facheehah, jenisia, lori chia, linda, agnes, black titu, need wrestling gears..just as they are...look at the bolivian ladies...dressed as per normal..after the brawl..continue with the marketing.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Basta Art Cafe

The Basta Art Cafe
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The beautiful Basta Art Cafe!

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The powerful sponsor

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For a foreign company to set our business here..u are only allow one trade license..and it is mandatory to have a national sponsor..the more influential he is the better it is for u..generally, his role is to help you with all the legal requirements of visa application etc..he is not involved in your biz operations and management..and he is not exclusive to u i think..because I know of one sponsor who is with several companies..imagine he is getting about 50,000 dhm (S$25,000)per year..not bad.

Most foreign companies set up LLC..Limited Liabilities Company. Anyone who is keen..Im quite capable by now to help u set up...of course for a small fee..

Sherlock Holmes and the courtly lady

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As Sherlock will always said to his sidekick: "Excellent! Watson"

Back to that later...

Good News! Found my personal barber..a pakistani young guy..only S$4..he fully understood my requirements..all round number 01..and on the sides number 00..

Found two gems in Dubai today.

Along Bastikiya..the old souk..besides the Dubai Museum...lies the Basta Art Cafe..runs by a french (i think) lady..she's a younger and slimmer version of meryl streep..converted muslim..with a lovely scarf covering her head..she has a certain aura of a movie star..friendly..yet not too friendly..aloof like nicole kidman. The place is an oasis..with a large courtyard and a tree in the middle..alfresco cum morrocan seating also has a gift shop selling all her own made knick knack, accessories...etc Heard even the french actress amelia Toutou was there not too long ago..(amelia will be appearing in Dan Brown"s The Da Vinci Code)..

Acroos the road is the Arabian Court hotel...on the M floor is the Sherlock Holme English leather with classic timber furniture...satin wall papers..a zany bartender/captain..from Romania..the lunch buffet is a steal..assortment of breads, salad (one type), baked potatoes, pasta (one type) and roast one complimentary one pint Foster's lager..all for only S$8 net!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Frenzy week!

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If I am a camel...I will kick many butts...heard the feet pretty strong. anyway, this is a crazy week!

The manpower situation is pure alibaba..many agents with registered companies claimed to have 500, 600 workers...all with proper, labour card, passport..etc when they submit the documents of said 50 workers to you..if you dont check carefully..each of the worker is from different company! Not directly under the company u have a contract. Subsequently, when discovered by the client at the site..24 hrs dismissal! For me, I normally do my due this is not an issue.

However, I had 20 workers from a particular agent who failed to turn up one day..just disappeared! I found out later, the stupid company failed to pay them for 4 they decided to walk off.

The weather is getting bearable..still at 40 degree..however, the cases of heat stroke has reduced.

On the other hand, there is a minor outbreak of chicken pox! We have two workers from our base camp who are infected. Immediately, I put them in an isolated room. Sent them to the clinic. The prescription for chicken pox is extremely expensive..about 200 dhm. Hope they have a good 10 days rest given by the doctor.

Will have a good break tomorrow...

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Chicken Salad
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The temperature is rising...and no sign of stopping! Currently, it's about 44 degree..extremely humid..and on site..the reflective heat from the fine desert sands is's like hell! Im sure that place is worst..what we experiencing rite now is only a tip of the iceberg. On site..many workers under the heat had to be brought to air-con rooms to take a long break before they suffer extreme heat a typical room..u can see rows and rows of workers lying corpses! I thought I was in a disaster scary! By the way, I was there to offer joke! It's goin to lasts for at least 2 months..heard could reach as high as 50 degree! and fyi, if you need hot water..the toilet flush is just as good!

This month, changed my lunch diet..eating very light..this italian cafe offers buffet salad with all the green veges, beans, chicken, pastas etc..for only 7 dhm..about S$3..another S$2 for a soup...excellent! a cybercafe..owned by a chinese from the same time, the lady boss is doing massage for her fellow men..good idea!

Anyone remember the silly game musical chairs? it seems the kids here go gaga over it! in many shows at mega of the main activities is that round and round while the music of beyonce is playing..parents fighting for their kids to play..some resolved to dirty tactics to ensure their kids stay till the clueless!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

so surreal!

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i love this picture..definitely not by me!

Getting a haircut here can be traumatic for be prepared. Most of the barbers are indians or pakistani. They will size u up for a start..and direct u to the he will put on his white doctor's joke! it's the same..using the cropper..he will press it hard against your skull as if he is mowing your backyard smile..fierce looking eyes..constantly looking at the telly..some indian soap opera while he works on you..sometimes he just stop and totally absorbing in the climatic scene..for a moment he looks like hannibal lecter from silence of the lambs ready to rip off my skull..anyway for $4 u cant complain too's easy job for him..just shave thru..using number one cutter...all done in 10 minutes!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

what's she doing?

make a guess and u shall win yourself one year supply of friska..courtesy of black feline..In Dubai, many modern cafes/clubs provide such's not unusual to see trendy people..girls and guys..holding it tight.just blow and suck..while they chat,surfing the net..etc

ok..time's up? she is blowing herself to death smoking a singapore..u can check out arab street..

Sunday, July 03, 2005

specially for Joe of TMP

efatima: flickr friend in dubai
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As mentioned to you...the fitness industry is growing. With your experiences and gift of the gap..they will welcome u with open arms. But I worry for u..anyway, fly over here if u are game..and seek employment from here..many filipinos are doin that..they have a presence here..u know when they are featured regularly on the local papers..on FM 103.8..a local channel for people around the world working in Dubai, they have their own music hours..
By the way, she's beautiful!

Friday, July 01, 2005

For those looking high and low...

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Facheehah..this young man might be too young for u..sorry. But just to let u know..u are in for luck. Getting married to a local, i heard from my colleague, Mussa (50s lebanese jewish..looks like a mafia smoking cigar)is striking goldmine..the government will give the couple 70,000 dhm ( S$500 is about 1000 dhm, a piece of land or many other things) the way, this pic is cut and pasted..but if you look carefully..there's an email superimposed on the pic..u could try! Good luck!