Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let it snows!

Christmas is just around the corner...so I promise to be good otherwise i will miss my ipod..for yet another year!

Recently back home (Singapore)..I got a chance to take a look at the christmas lightings. Nothing to scream about...after so many years..the idea is running stale. Hope they come up with something meaningful other than enticing u to shop! shop! shop! Anyway, this is a pretty good effort (see 2nd photo). A christmas tree decked with crystals. Here's the facts:
Took 12,966 man hours to complete
Weighs over 3,215 kg
Decorated with 496 number of light bulbs
With 3762 crystal beads
Encrusted with 21,798 diamonds
Totalling 913 carats
worth S$1,550,000

In Dubai, celebrating a white christmas is a reality now. Thanks to the "ski resort" located inside the Emirates Mall (see 1st photo)....most people like us can at least gaze thru the glass enclosure and hum a nice carol. Two sisters who visited not too long ago...love the idea! While you are there...check out the St. Molitz cafe...enjoy a cup of piping hot aromatic coffee while u laugh your head off watching those idiots falling down the so called "snowy" cliff...or u can imagine yourself right at the top of the Alps. Just a note...don't try the restaurant next door...Sezzam. Noble fusion concept....horrible food!

If there's ever a Santa Claus Academy in Dubai....those local guys need to work hard on their huge butt (most of them have sweet tooth i guess....really huge butt!) otherwise i don't think they will clear the normal chimney test...



Monday, December 04, 2006

Where's My Friskies?

What a grueling run! But if you see an old man (in his 70s) doing the full marathon..will u give up? or a young lady pulling a real car tyre..with a mission in mind...protect our environment...doing the full marathon..do u still want to give up? She completed it in about 7 hours!

Anyway, everyone got a medal..I asked for a year supply of Friskies instead...the organisers looked at one another for a long while.............

I am contemplating to sign up for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2007...12th January.