Monday, January 29, 2007

Not the LBD

This year...UK is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Coco Chanel's first little black dress. The iconic Audrey Hepburn in the classic: Brerakfast at Tiffany's set the trend for the LBD.
The other day, on the way to the washroom...I saw this Iranian guy working away on a black abaya..stitch by stitch...bead by bead. He was kind enuff to explain the process. Some intricate designs will take weeks and even months. His fingers stiffen....backache...teary eyes...etc It is definitely an art....under appreciated because he's getting peanuts every month...a mere 450 dhm! I don't know how much they are charging for a piece...definitely not cheap.
Think about it...the LBD is just a piece of simple black dress...nothing fanciful... but you probably be paying thousands for a branded piece! And the designer will be laughing all the way to the bank...What a contrast!

Hangover anyone?

Nursing a cold? a late night out? jet lag? or just feeling lousy? A wonderful place to the Bastikiya Art Cafe. One of my favorite haunts in Dubai for a quiet morning outing...especially during this time of the year. The weather is crispy cold (about 13 degree) in the morning. Bring along a book...order a light breakfast and no coffee.....yes no piping hot coffee! An icy glass of moroccan mint/lemon tea will definitely knock the socks out of you! Thank God the resident impish feline is still around. Hopefully, she stays indoor for a while.
Shortly the lady boss sashay(ed) in with her usual regal air....and stayed at the balcony overlooking the courtyard for a while...munching a piece of bread...:) It's like watching a performance from where I was seated...alone.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I fear for my life!

A wonderful be back in Dubai. A new the city. Great view from the top. A swimming pool and a gym at the!..but now i fear for my life! Thus, I have decided to put on a mask to avoid being killed while roaming the streets around the old souk. You don't dig it? the following:

DUBAI: Dubai divided over cooking cats report

"There has been a huge response to our report on stray cats being cooked and eaten in Dubai’s labour camps with scores of readers writing in to show their disgust and others registering their approval of the practice. While seven-year-old Coral said she was “very mad and sad,” other readers suggested different recipes and claimed eating the stray cats helped rid the streets of the “vermin.” Municipality officials said yesterday that while cat meat cannot be served at restaurants, there is no way of controlling what people eat in private. “We are not aware of incidents such as this, but it may well be happening. We make sure that such food is not served in hotels but what individuals do inside their own homes really cannot be monitored,” said Abdullah Rafeeu, the Assistant Director General for Environment and Public Health Affairs. Monday’s report detailed how labourers were now banned from bringing cats into their labour camps and eating them."


Anyway, this afternoon I managed to sneak out of the house and was actually at the Fortune project site where a fire broke out recently, killing at least 2 workers during their break. Very sad....if only all these blood sucking employers would spend some money to ensure fire safety on site. A friend working in another project next to it...actually saw the entire episode. He was deeply this day.

shhhhhhhhhhhhh....don't blow my not a feline ok?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Long Live Instant Noodle!

"Japan has bid farewell to Momofuku Ando, known as the inventor of instant noodles that have become a global household product, after he died aged 96.
Ando died of acute heart failure on Friday, said Nissin Food Products Co, the company he founded in 1948 in the aftermath of World War II and built into a multi-billion dollar empire.
Japanese newspapers published lengthy obituaries of the businessman on Saturday with the influential Asahi Shimbun praising him for bringing "instant noodles to the world and into space....."
Who has not tasted instant noodle before?
I am not a fan of it but like someone said " A place without felines is like a face without eyebrows!" Similarly, you cannot dismiss the ubiquitous Instant's everywhere...including Dubai.
Let see.....for me...when I'm too lazy to cook or to buy a meal...just need a quick slurp..Instant Noodle works for me. Normally, I will only put in half the satchet of the flavored powder. And will add in lots of greens including spring onion...finely chopped. One hard boiled egg...and thin slices of boiled chicken meat. And most importantly...I WILL NOT DRINK THE SOUP AT ALL! On the average, my consumption of this plastic tasting stuff is limited to about less than 10 packs a year. In Dubai, I have yet to discover my favorite korean brand..SHIN CUP. Really hot and spicy...tangy texture and enough kick to give you the most satisfying meal for a while.
Anyway, it is equally hard to get good authentic japanese ramen in Dubai. In fact, some restaurants have the audacity to pull a fast one by serving you Instant Noodle in a beautiful bowl!
Wonder what's your harrowing experience with the Instant Noodle? Care to share? :)