Saturday, March 31, 2007

For Cergie

The weather in Dubai is steaming up.....but still the light breeze in the morning gives a tingling sensation. Found this little sparrow (I think) hopping around on a straw mat inside the XVA gallery cafe. Cergie, my friend...could it be Piaf visiting?

By the way, the XVA is another of my favorite haunts...away from the bustling crowd...and to reflect on life's

Gordon Ramsay, the infamous and foul mouthed chef from UK loves this place.

The rooftop (see pic) is superb! Look at the artistic old tree....incredible!


Meow!....I am back!

No....I have not visited the Queen but let's see...

I was back home for the Chinese New Year...

Planning for an exhibition in Vietnam this coming June...

Was down in Ajman....servicing a very rich palestinian developer...with only one leg! I dared not ask him about the other one....Ajman is a nice, quiet state in UAE...

And the saddest news to date....Queen Manju (remember my cousin?) has being kidnapped by some idiots back home. It will never be the same again in Little India (Singapore) without her....she's like a mascot of that ethnic enclave.

Mama Mia the musical s in Dubai...finally. Will be watching the show on Monday at the Medinat Jumeirah (see above pic)
Took the pic this afternoon...a view from the room. See the traffic at Bur Dubai? Today is a public holiday...Prophet Mohammed's birthday. The brochure on the sill is for an exhibition by an Iranian couple at the XVA gallery cafe next week...I think.