Saturday, May 26, 2007


Warning: Parental Guidance is advisable
"When you found it?" asked the inspector.
"I was doing my morning walk...about 8am.."
"You have any idea who might have done it?"
"Definitely not my kind...we are not barbaric you know...and we don't like wild birds...and also the bird flu problem."
"Is that all?"
"Yes..u may go....wait a minute! what's that feather on your head?"
"It's my accessory...bought it from the mall."

Are U Eddie Murphy?

"May I join you?"
"Yes...but you have to get your own coffee." I answered.
I love to have a cuppa every afternoon after a light lunch...just sugar. My favorite red armchair...a refuge for just half an hour...from the scourging heat outside.
In the past, I had encountered strange creatures who conned me into buying drinks for them with their strange tales. This time around, I "wisen up".
"Are u Eddie Murphy?"
"Hahahahah....many people said the same. No, I from Senegal. You know Senegal?"
15 minutes later...
"Listen..I also into mubie making. I have a story....three villages A, B, C...the people from village B came and killed my family in village I went to village C to get help...together we destroyed village B."
"Interesting (I fact I almost fell off the chair)..u have any experience in acting?"
"Yes"...immediately he showed me a scar on his head.."this from a tiger...i fighting the tiger...and here..." he removed his tucked in shirt to expose a long scar near the navel.
"Hello...are u mad? this is a public place...why are u showing me that?"
"You no believe...i have a longer one( another scar or what?) below!" he was going to roll down the waistband of his pants!
"Ok...ok...i believe you!" Thank God...he stopped.
"I also fighting with "chief" (he meant thief) who steal my sister handphone!"
"You find investors..together we can make the mubie. You come Senegal...I have one hundred fifity cows!" "You know cow? MOOO...MOOO...MOOOOOOOOOO!"

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yin & Yang

To find authentic korean cuisine in this part of the like looking for "a needle in the sea".
Guess what? I found this fabulous place "Seoul Garden Restaurant" just next to Zabeel Building. How could i have missed it?

The owner is a petite korean lady. Last week, I tried the famous ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang)...absolutely the real McCoy! Enuff said. And the side dishes (they will replenish at no extra charges) were simply delicious!
Samgyetang is traditionally served in the summer for its supposed nutrients, which replaces those that are easily lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea.
I managed to leave my mark again in one of the magazines...can u spot it? lol
San Nakji will go gaga over this

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Land of Sea Giants

On a good day (meaning the traffic) takes about 2 hours to reach Fujairah from Dubai. And also my driver with an attitude...must be in the right frame of mind...not to try another route. The last took 4 hours to reach...because the "smart alec" took the Kalba way rather than the normal Masafi way. This couple of months, I had made several trips to Fujairah to meet some clients. The entire place is so mind boggling! I am still in a cultural shock.
The Emirate of Fujairah is historically very old and it is evidenced that people had lived here before Christ . Anciently Fuajairah was known as the land of the sea giants ...

Yesterday, i was on the lonely journey usual i was awed by the miles and miles of mountain ranges....suddenly i felt so small. Looking out of the window..I spotted some donkeys and camels.. looking for plastic cans i supposed. Far ahead, the visibility of the ranges was low dued to the afternoon heat.

In the city, the only tall building for now is the Fujairah Tower. Things are slowly picking up here...I heard there are many beautiful beaches the way, anyone spotted me behind the wheel? lol (see pic)
A group of youngsters were having lunch at the KFC...for 22 dhm... eat all you want..perhaps till you drop dead!

"Hi! how do you guys survive here?"

" Can u get us out of here??" one guy from USA quipped, in half jest.

" You guys read the news about some genies who started a series of fires here lately?"

"It's in Dilba"

Land of sea giants? genies? i need a glass of ice water!
On a serious note...can somone tells me the origin of the tagline:
"Land of Sea Giants"
In any case, Fujairah is definitely a land of many magical possibilities...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Are You Nut??????

Every morning...without fail...I will sashay along the walkway...with my trolley bag in tow the same time making sure those wheels are not stained by irritating bird's poo.... into my favorite sanctuary(starbucks) for a cup of piping hot, highly addictive, black sugar.
This morning as usual..8am sharp...found my favorite red sofa with a great view thru the shopfront glass panel. "Hmmmm...nice coffee!"
Suddenly..."What the heck is that???" Rubbing my eyes...the coffee affecting my vision? or "Am i seeing things????"
He was literally sitting on one of the busiest streets in Bur Dubai! A group of students stopped by and advised him to get up, I supposed. He looked up and answered nonchalantly (from my seat, it was kind of muted but thank God, I read lips!): "Mind your own f#*king business!" I might be Dubai...there will be people complaining incessantly about the thousand and one traffic problems and reckless drivers from hell...etc What's new?
On a flip side...they are also many walking time bombs...pedestrians who think they are " Master of the road". Sadly, many got killed for their ignorance.
Thirty minutes later....sanity prevailed. He picked himself up...dusted his butts...and simply walked away.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Le Pain Quotidien

What a of the cafe: Le Pain Quotidien. The snobs will probably frown at me. I don't give a heck...whenever i am meeting friends for coffee at the Emirates's the usual: "let's meet at the bread cafe."
Apparently, it is very famous.

The origins of Le Paine Quotidien are as simple and inspirational as the products it now sells. Towards the end of the eighties, Alain Coumont, a highly regarded chef at one of Brussels' most prestigious restaurants just wasn't able to source bread worthy of his clientele and so started making it himself.
In 1990, the original Le Pain Quotidien stores opened its doors in downtown Brussels. The concept was a huge success from day one.
By 1993, there were 16 different stores in Europe. And by 1997, Alain Coumont had opened his first store in the heart of New York City.
There are now more than 60 Le Pain Quotidien stores in over 30 different cities in the world and the word is spreading.
I must admit...they have very fresh speciality breads, sandwiches, pastries..etc
See the interesting picture? the huge UFO looking equipment on the table ? any clue what is it?
Correct answer will entitle you to one free tea/muffin set:

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ponies or Bees?

I am a purist for certain things. Imagine my horror when I accidentally stepped into a quirky looking amusement corner (too small to be called a park or centre) at the Deira City Centre. Frankly, the place is pretty uber cool...." Is that a merry go round?" "...with zombie looking bees??????????" Yuk! Where are the ponies?
Is like having an environmental friendly tree for Christmas...using recylced cans, bottles...etc just will not do. A fake tree is perfectly acceptable standard.

Coming back to those ugly bees...they do not move up and down mechanically..i saw some poor kids rocking themselves

Anyway, i remember vividly when i was a kid ..back home we have a couple of amusement parks then ...and during the Chinese New Year season..a trip to such places with friends was THE EVENT! The roller coaster ride, the ghost train etc...and of course the merry go round...with ponies....simple pleasure! Alas, they have to make way for tall commercial the name of modernisation.

Just my luck...I was at the newly opened Sahara Sharjah yesterday. And at the amusement centre (they actually have a mini roller coaster inside with silly school girls and boys screaming their heads off!), I spotted the real McCoy!...Yes...the merry go round with ponies!
The thing about merry go is timeless and magical..and perhaps even never fails to put a smile on your face...even if you are just watching it goes...round and round and round and round.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Speak Easy

It is part of my daily ritual in Dubai. Tuning into Dubai Eye 103.8.....
One of my favorite segments is definitely "Speak Easy" a wacky pair of foxy ladies...Nannette and Victoria....their wicked sense of humor always left me in stitches...totally unscripted...
and their chemistry is impeccable....reminds me of the infamous duo from BBC...French and Saunders....but the ladies on air are much much prettier in the look

This morning, heard the bad news... Victoria has a relapse...the doctors found a growth in her brain and she will be operated on immediately. Like many of their fans....I pray for her speedy recovery!

"Kiki" is the resident birdie at the roof-top one has an iota of a clue where she's from. She has this peculiar habit of traversing along the edge...her head moving repeatedly like a twirling baton...almost trance liked. I like to believe she's a messenger from heaven. Remember the german lady who received a free copy of "The Witch of Portobello"? She had a very spiritual encounter with Kiki. While she was resting by the pool one afternoon, with a very heavy heart...suddenly the birdie flew towards her...and flapping her wings...made a full circle flight around's like telling her: "Someone is watching over you and worry no more!" Instantly, she felt a huge load lifted up from her heart!
"Vic will be fine!"