Saturday, July 22, 2006

Campbell in hot soup....again!

I love Tom Yam Kai...Thai Sour and Spicy Chicken Soup! No canned soup for me..all ingredients MUST be fresh!

"The cook was hired to prepare a romantic dinner for two for Campbell and her millionaire boyfriend, Dubai prince Badr Jafar, on his boat docked on the Tuscan coast. However, the model was clearly not pleased with the chef’s choice of a starter of tomato, ham, and mozzarella with a local white wine.

Witnesses claim Campbell screamed at the chef and that they could hear the sound of plates being broken and that she only calmed down after Jafar stepped in."
I think the lady is mad! I suggest she adds the word "ANGER" to her name: Ms Naomi Anger Campbell...more for the safety of those who have the misfortune of serving least they are forewarned!

My late father was easily irritated. Many years ago..i still remember to this day..during a slight argument, he literally smashed a metal was badly dented and one of the heavy duty hinges came off....i walked away.

Last year, one of the a fit of anger over some trivial matters...actually ripped off the entire telephone and smashed it to the floor....the sponsor looked at me...and both of us simply walked away.

Anger is such a destructive emotion..

By the way...if you were the chef then...what utensil would u used to defend yourself? a carving knife, a pot, a chopping board, an axe...etc?

How do u manage anger?..yours or otherwise.Do share :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Empress Dowager

"ok...auntie listen...u just come and visit..see for's booming! Also it's reported recently they are spending US$4 billion a week for building material and equipment!..we can start a small hardware shop...maybe about 5,000 sq feet"

She was silent for a while..and rubbing her palms together...then a slight smile

"well..i dont grow money on tree! u painted a rosy picture..Anyway,I might consider going for a holiday first.You know me...clean sheets and towels everyday..very important..evian regular spa and wine..."

"Not a problem...I can arrange a good service apartment..plan a free and easy itinerary..and also arrange for u to meet some business people as well as the local sponsors."

Auntie Alexis (Not her real name..) in her single and a successful businesswoman back home. She manages a 30,000 sq ft furniture mall space. The rental from the landlord is about $3 per sq ft..she charges the sub tenants at $5 per sq ft. So..go figure out what she's getting per month for this particular business. For her age....she really looks face lift or botox...just vigorous exercise at the California Fitness and regular dosages of human placenta! (from Japan)Earlier, she wanted to explore the idea of bringing the product (placenta) to Dubai. Im not so sure whether the authority allows that..
"Anyway...I heard the arab men are very hum sup (cantonese for lecherous)?"

"Not true in Dubai...they are very professional and mind their own business"

"And don't expect me to be wrapped up from head to toes like a ninja ok?"

I smiled.

She and her entourage of five tai tai (woman of wealth and leisure) are planning to visit on the 2nd week of August...

"Fasten your seat's going to be a bumpy ride!"
uttered Margo..the dwindling diva from the classic: All About Eve

Any professional kinapper(s) out there? Please contact me.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dial M For Murder

It's a sad day...a fellow Singapore PR was murdered in Dubai.
"The motive behind the murder of Martin Herbert Steiner was theft and financial benefit from his credit cards, police said on Sunday. Two people were arrested, one of whom has confessed to the crime....
Colonel Al Merri said Steiner had met the two suspects through a website and later met them at a shopping mall. They then took him to an apartment where they murdered him....."
I consider myself a fairly seasoned traveller...and pretty streetwise too. Still, I constantly remind myself never to let my guard never know what's out there! However..easier said than done...complacency slips in once in a while.

In Dubai...many a night..alone..I had walked thru dimly lighted alleys at the Old Souk..simply for a shorter route.

On several occasions...just to save a few Dhms...I had shared an illegal cab with 3 strangers..

One taxi driver from Egypt wanted to show me his collection of his place.

I had also met strangers via the internet...for trading and friendship.

On eBay...I managed to sell a few bottles of wine, a pair of shoes, a bag, silly impractical birthday gifts received...etc

I had also bought a couple of watches, books, a piece of 'rock' from Mars...etc
By the way, I have a japanese friend...he has a fetish for used undies. In fact, he bought a few from eBay. No, I have no idea what he's doing with them. Perhaps, he's moonlighting as a drag queen.

The safest place, I reckon, to carry out such transactions:
Busy carpark and fastfood outlet...Rule number one...Never follow the stranger home or invite him/her (yes femme fatale is deadly too!)to your place! Rule number your own drink AND theirs if on the other hand, you intend to

Ok...'fess up! I had also met (almost) a couple of strangers via ICQ and Friendster..etc My strategy is simple: On the day of appointment...tell the other party you will be wearing purple jeans (wear a black one instead) for identification...arrive earlier and position yourself at a corner where visibility of the person is maximum and of yourself..minimum. Next...dial the close attention...someone will answer...look carefully..if it's an ugly creature..SCRAM FOR YOUR LIFE!

The bottomline: BE VIGILANT!

The original picture for this post.(Cergie..Thank you...point taken..:))