Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bizarre Encounter

"My dear..i want you meet my partner..we have a business proposition." Issa, the polygamist from Senegal exclaimed.
Reluctantly, I waited at the lobby of Traders' Hotel in Deira. Mumbling to myself "That idiot! It better be good!"
Soon, Issa came over...for a change he was meticulously dressed..not in his national costume..but a full suit..with a pair of shining shoes.
"My partner is in the suite come ok?"

"Are u mad? I DO NOT GO INTO ANYBODY'S ROOM ok?" I told him not so nicely.
"If he has anything to so in the lobby!"
20 minutes later...Issa reappeared with another guy. The first thing that caught my attention..his huge "blink blink" Versace sunglasses! I was trying hard to control my laughter..thinking to myself at that moment " Is he one of the guys from Black Eyed Peas?" It was a crazy proposition which I can only do justice another posting. Im getting to Dibba (one of the biggest towns in Fujairah) for a good the JAL Fujairah Spa Resort.

The other woman...

"My wife is coming this week..please..arrange a good dinner..I don't care about the price..good one ok? and u must come along. She trusts you." Before I could uttered anything, the line was cut off abruptly. The frantic guy on the other line is my client...from Fujeirah. In his late 40s..not much in the look fact extremely ugly...chain smoker as well. However, he is a very shrewd businessman from Malaysia. Thank my lucky star...he has given me many orders.
Many asian men...who travel regularly abroad...especially to China... love to keep "little birdies". Our keeping a sweet, young thing from China...and of all places..found her in Fujeirah. Met her the house...she does all the cooking, well as providing "games" adults play behind closed door. After staying with him...she stopped "selling her smile". And the ugly thing like to brag a lot " She is not like the rest..after my money...we 'talk hearts'"
So I chose the Eauzone at the Royal Mirage...

Nice ambience...good food..and the price tag...about 300 Dhm per head. He's lucky...that evening was a "dry night"..meaning no alcohol.
Prior to the dinner...we stopped over at the Jumeirah Medinat and he bought his wife a full set of belly dancing costume..about 600 Dhm. I was looking at her from a distance..after 3 kids....I know it's wicked of me..but really she needs more than belly dancing classes to
trim down the "tree trunk" waistline.
During dinner..

"You know..back in Singapore..a young girl from Malaysia killed her married lover...and chopped him into many pieces..put in the frig...tightly sealed up..for one whole year!" Mary, his wife related the story rather excitedly.
With the hammou still in my mouth, I looked at the ugly man sitting across me and managed to said something real stupid " Shall we order dessert?"

One week later..he rewarded me with 3000dhm for a job "well done". Who am I to bear grudges with $$$? It's his problem anyway.

Monday, August 06, 2007

floating woes

"Pleasure trips on the Creek have had to be curtailed or cancelled because boats cannot pass through Dubai's new floating bridge for much of the day. The crossing has eased traffic congestion in the city-but cruise operators say it is driving away tourists. The bridge...block the passage of vessels between 6am and 10pm..."

On the way back from Ajman..I instructed the driver to use the floating bridge..just to have a feel of it.Someone told me if the suspension of your car is kind of can actually FEEL it "galloping" (his word not mine) across.

"The 300 meter long bridge - 3.3 meters in height - floats on a harsh saltwater Creek environment which required special construction materials. It was also constructed to withstand wind speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour and waves of up to 1.8 meters. Moreover the structure dynamically distributes energy from waves and pressure from vehicles across the length and breadth of the platform in such as was that they cancel each other out.
Environmentally speaking, the bridge does not disturb the flow of the water underneath it and allows for barnacles and sea algae to grow, which attracts and sustains existing sea life."

I guess you can't please everyone...u win some and u lose some...that's life!
"let's get back to's so bloody hot here!"

The i2 Cafe

One of the coolest cafes in the Burjumun Mall..welcome to i2 cafe!
If you are a true will love the idea of ordering your favorite coffee via a mobile system from your table. (see pic..the Nokia mobile)
And the best part least for can serve the net free...yes FREE...for the entire day! Well...u just need to order a small cup of coffee for 10dhm. After that you may adjourn next door to check out the latest model of Sony Erisson (I was looking for the latest T650i). Anyway, I found some cool "skins" for my iPod nano!

The Men's Club

If you ever plan to take a nice stroll in the evening during this time of the year...especially by the creek in it after 8pm. Otherwise you will be totally drenched...yes DRENCHED! if you just got out from the sauna...within 10 minutes. Pretty lady with mascara..try it..i guarantee..u will get a big part in The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Anyway..the 3 of us decided to take a walk around the old Bastikiya to the museum. And just around the corner...we stumbled upon a wooden shack ! A group of local guys (not young) were sitting outside..smoking shisha and laughing away. One of them waved us over.
"Excuse this a clubhouse?" I volunteered.
"Yes..yes...come..come..u want tea?"
"Is it for men only? can we take a peek?"
"No problem..u go in..but take off your shoes..and just say 'I love you!'...hahahahahahahaha!"
The entire place is air conditioned..a group of guys were sitting on cushions. Some were watching the telly...a group at one corner were playing Domino..another were just chatting and laughing. One of them waved to me to sit beside him. I took the opportunity to probe further.
"Yes...the ladies have their own meeting place..only the here to take a look"
"Any hanky panky?" I asked.
A blank stare.
"Everyday..we come here 4pm..go home 2am..we tea..eating..u want join us tonite?"