Thursday, April 26, 2007

Festival City....

Latest attraction in Dubai: The Festival City. I was there last week...actually to buy some cheap stuff from the big IKEA next door. Impressive design...massive building...and it is not even completed yet! You need a map (yes it's provided) to just walk around. There's a canal outside with a fleet of Abras (water transport) to transport guests along it. Nice.

I think it will take on a different look in the evening..sipping coffee at the alfresco cafe..watching those tourists on the Abras waving to u..i imagine myself lifting the middle kidding!

A Festival of Sport was held earlier...currently it's Festival of Art. I guess the "brilliant" people who came up with this concept will have to come up with a theme every month..rather tiresome i think!
Check out the following:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crocheting in Dubai

I love talking to strangers..:) They are everywhere in Dubai..I swear. Everyone here is in the big melting pot....chasing after big bucks primarily. Relationship is impersonal.

This burly man from Pakistan (later found out he's a taxi driver) was standing in the public carpark just outside the office...holding some strange apparatus and his fingers were moving. I was curious enough to check out what he was doing? Crocheting!...and making his own belt! Very smart Let me tell you.....over here...taxis drivers...especially from Pakistan...have bad reputation. Many tales were told by those who supposedly survived the ordeal....scary stuff...including molestation regardless of your gender. After listening long enuff, true or otherwise, you begin to form a certain stereotyping image about them...i.e. they are all BAD!

My own encounter so far...I and large if you show respect, they will reciprocate in return. Just like this guy...he was beaming ear to ear when i praised him.

Anyway, I still can't get over it. Big bearded guy crocheting? It's quite hilarious!
Look at the last photo...he actually removed the belt he was wearing that day! Thank God..the pants stayed put...due to his big belly...i

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Talking to me?

"Yes...Camel. Please do be careful what u are putting into your mouth!"

Just my luck...this morning (in fact almost closed to 12pm) on the highway along Sharjah...spotted 3 hungry camels came out from nowhere making their way to a provision shop. A few boxes filled with discarded vegetables lying near the entrance.( I must warn them to be careful...not the habitants of the shop but the poor creatures of the desert.)

Last Thursday, it was reported that on average, Dubai residents throw away more than a tonne each of waste every year, one of the highest per capital anywhere in the world.

According to Dr. Ulrich Wernery, a 20 year UAE resident and founder of the Emirates Environmental Group, many domestic and wild animals (camels, donkeys..etc) have died from eating plastic bottles, food wrappings jettisoned by a careless public into makeshift dumps or along quiet stretches of highway.


The price of progress?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lonely in Dubai

Ok...anyone out there who has NEVER done text massaging (SMS) before? If you can prove it...I promise not to eat any doggie for a year!
The seemingly harmless SMS facility on mobile phones led a father to get hooked on to flirtatious text messages to the extent that he threatened to kiss his family after his wife confronted him.
Dubai is a boys' club. Period. If he is working here alone...unless he's monk otherwise there's no way he is going to curb the hunger pang. Not many are bold enuff to pick up those night (day too) birds along Deira. Too risky. Clubbing is touch and go event. Interest groups(painting eg...ya sure) only for desperate housewives. Cyclone( the infamous meat market in Dubai) is a ripped off. So the next best thing to do....registered with a text message agency which enables men and women to get in touch with one another. Loneliness is dreadful thing.
If you are an alcoholic, at least you can signed up with AA. Im not so sure about texts
Yes, Im a confirmed addict(not the kinky type..strictly business). Prove it? My right thumb is the size of a lollipop!
Maybe for those desperate and lonely ones....get a cold shower!
Anything wrong with the red texts? spot it

Monday, April 09, 2007

Karma Living: The Time Residences

"Karma ~ Good Energy flowThe round building has no square edges, and is being designed to carry good energy flow through out the building expressing the ages old arts of Feng Shui and of Vastu that promote and produce calm - KARMA living. The turning motion allows everyone to experience “Waking up” to greet sunlight that rejuvenates life form, fresh air that refreshes, and beautifully landscaped Venetian water canals that enchant the spirit. The whole experience elevates the soul and raises feel good factors that adds to quality life style living."'s now a reality! The Time Residences is the one and only revolving apartment in the world...and apparently the brilliant people behind this idea is going to franchise the concept worldwide.

"Time residences is a building like no other on the planet. Outlined to be a “Timeless and precious” masterpiece development.The whole 70-80,000 ton monumental building is designed to turn with the power of the sun. Awake one day to see panoramic lake views and another day to see beautiful landscapes and the worlds biggest shopping mall.The turning motion is to provide “Never Ending Views”, gifted to mankind by the power of nature This Building offers a “New Dimension to Living” , views appear at a pace to gradual to be felt on the consciousness and set in time. Everyday the building accurately moves 51.43 degrees, or 0.63metres in one hour.The time line that runs down the building locks into 12 o'clock noon markings on the podium and ground. Making this the most expensive Time piece in the world."


"Has anybody laughed at you yet?" asked the hostess (dead panned tone) on the Breakfast Show this morning (FM103.8, Dubai Eye) I almost fell off my chair....what a fxxking question! lol

" takes only the power of 20 toasters (I think i heard correctly) to turn the 80,000 ton building..." Wow! Solar be exact.

The Accidental Tourist

I am still fuming

The regal looking lady shows off her complimentary copy of "The Witch of Portobello"..signed... proudly. And she got it yesterday at a private function held at the XVA gallery cafe....courtesy of the TATWEER group.

We were talking about the author only couple of days ago....and get this...she wasn't even invited for ..i stressed again...private function! And get this again...she wasn't even planning to be at the cafe...a stone throw away from my dwelling all! It must be her destiny! She just happened to be passing by and got invited in by the ushers. Heard from flow of champxxxx!

By the way, the regal looking madam is a certified tango, salsa instructor..and her forte is to organise shows fusing orchestra with tango dance...etc brilliant idea! Do you know she actually did one in Germany (her country of origin) with the legendary diva Omara of Buena Vista Social Club? That's real cool!

Anyway, good luck to the lucky 200 who will get to meet the author at the Battuta today.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Witch of Portobello

Mr. Paulo Coelho, the renowned author of "The Alchemist" will be in Dubai on the 8-9 April to launch his new book.
The Arab cover is a bit boring i think. Much prefer the US cover.

My first encounter with "The Alchemist" was frustrating to say the least. I thought it was pretentious. I shelved it half way through. Then, by a stroke of luck, i packed it on my trip here last year. The thing about such book is you must read it in an unrushed manner. Full of profound gems. Love it. Hopefully, the new material is just as inspiring.

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Masala Room

I coined it the "Masala Room" because of the sensual posters on the wall. A resting place...just to laze around...enjoy a cup of a book...a short nap...possible.

Anyone in Dubai knows whereabout is this place? For once Im not's a

Switch on...Switch off

In Dubai...the mark of a good cafe lies in the standard of the ice mint tea.
Visited the T Junction at the Burjumun...tucked away at a rather obscured corner. Very nice retro decor. Unfortunately, something missing...i cannot emphatically pin point the problem. The waiter recommended ice mint tea. The sweetness overwhelmed the minty flavor. And will certainly make one diabetic instantly...i swear!
I gave my 2 cents feedback to the Manager. The good part...he was very receptive and promised to improve the next round. Immediately, he offered another drink on the house...a rarity in Dubai. I politely declined... the meantime...using my extraordinary power acquired from watching "Heroes"...I decided to "decolourised" the place until they show some

One of those days...

Frankly, Im still stunned why I took this meal? Mind u, it's excellent! Nasi Goreng Istimewa (Fried Rice Indonesian style) at the Japengo Cafe, Burjumun Mall...Dubai.
Over the years...i have given up most meats except steamed fish and chicken with lots of vegetables and fruits. No fried stuff for me. And, I can't remember when was the last time i stepped into KFC, Mac, BurgerKing...etc 10 yrs ago? A friend thinks Im nut...missing so much in life! I guess it's a choice..nothing religious.I know my body..and I do not crave for those stuff one bit anymore.
Anyway, coming back to the question...i have a must have being a full moon last I cannot be held responsible for such reckless
By the way, I left my mark on the table. Can u spot it?