Friday, October 27, 2006

Gently Ple...assssssssssse!!!!!!!

During the Remadan was a trying period for many non muslims...especially gluttons.We were at the Burjuman Mall during lunch hour...bought burgers/drinks at Burger King for take away. As a mark of respect ..non muslims are not allow to consume food/drink or even smoke in public places.If you are caught...a penalty of about 500 Dhm will be imposed!
Coming to the of my stupid colleagues was on the verge of a breakdown...he literally dashed to the GENTS...half an hour later...he came out with a broad smile on his stupid face..i detected some tomato sauce on the edge of his lips. "you know something? there are so many guys in the GENTS eating their burgers!" he whispered into my ear.

Last week, we were passing by a barber shop in Bur Dubai..and I was amused by this scene within. The barber was using a fine thread to remove unwanted hairs on the client's face.
It's an old tradition back home which I have not seen for a very long time. Usually, it's done on a lady's face...sometimes the legs too.
A point to note..don't ever attempt this act if your pain threshold is low!

Are u familiar with this beauty treatment? :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Designed With People In Mind

Recently the company ordered this similar rubbish chute from Singapore for the Jumeirah Tower project.'s not for residential use! They are installed on building under construction for the sole purpose of removing debris from each floor. In Dubai, the common sight is the yellow one from France called Haemmerlin (I think)....simple technology but pretty good money!
What am I doing with this screaming chute? ya sure...taking a free slide down from the 36th floor....that's why I was stucked in there for a couple of weeks!
Actually, one of the engineers ordered and invited me to view the installation on site. I had a good laugh...not from the beautiful chutes but the tagline: DESIGNED WITH PEOPLE IN MIND What on earth does that mean? I think it's an honest faux

Seriously if you are still scratching your head...have anyone seen this chute before?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Long nights of Ramadan

Everything slows down...including my brain. I'm beginning to see flying carpet,magic lamp, forty thieves, genie...and a magic ring! About the ring later..
The fasting month of Ramadan is nothing new to me. Back home, we have a muslim community that constitutes 15% of the total population. During this period, non muslims like myself are watchful of our conduct in front of muslim friends...especially with regard to food consumption.
Anyway, coming back to the magic ring...i lied to get your attention. In fact, in Iraq.. because of the long nights during Ramadan...they play an interesting game called the Mahabis...

" the game is often played outdoors, traditionally during the long nights of Ramadan. The object is to find a hidden mahbas, or signet ring. Two teams, each numbering from 50 to 250 and seated in rows, face each other, taking turns to conceal the ring. The team leader, or sheikh, starts an innings by passing in front of his own team. With a blanket covering his hands, he stops in front of each player. When the pass is done, all players remain seated with closed fists in their lap, but only one holds the ring.

The fun begins when the rival sheikh approaches to scour the faces of his opponents. The sheikh can eliminate as many players as he wants, but he has only one chance to pick the exact hand that is holding the mahbas. If he chooses wrongly, his team loses a point and the ring stays with the successfully deceitful team for another round. The first team to lose 20 points loses the whole thing. Simple as the game sounds, the sheikh's task requires skill, cunning, a penetrating knowledge of human nature and immense powers of observation."

Wonder anyone is playing this intriguing game in Dubai? should be very interesting...:)