Thursday, June 30, 2005

Goldsouq Dubai

Goldsouq Dubai
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Over here..they like big ornamental gold..a bit over the top...but good price.

July and August are the hottest months in Dubai. Heard it could reach 48 degree! Im gearing up..lots of water and sun blocks..In fact a new law has just being passed...during these months..workers working under the sun are not allow to do so between 1230 and 1630 pm...

The other indian man killed an banglashi woman because she was playing the music too loud! she was chopped into many pieces..well..thats the juicy happening here for the's your dinner?

The eligible ones

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Especially for my sistas from TMP..Facheehah in particular..they are not the cream..but at least they are decent..will make good hubbies..choose your pick..let me that i can collect my commissions!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Man made island resort : The Palm

Palm Tree Island 2
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Over here...the magic word is MEGA! look at the PALM taking shape..heard David Beckham bought a unit here. For those non technical people..many out friends. This is a bird eye view. Another interesting shopping centre coming September 2005..actually has an indoor skiing stadium...skiing not skating..from the outside...the stadium is elevated at..i think....45 degree..BUT for a simple bus's a nitemare! so small!

This is an Abra

Wasserttaxi Dubai
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Sorry..this is the water taxi Im talking about..quite an experience!

flagging a car...

Kamel mit Spuckschutz
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In dubai,traveling can be fun..really.

1. We have a company's car driven by a mohadin weekends no problem

2. water cross over to Deira from Bur Dubai at 0.5dhm.

3. public buses..not too bad..if u dont mind the squeeze in a bangladeshi in front and an indian behind..literally u are sandwiched...HARD!

However, last Friday..I found another exciting way to travel..flagging a car.You see, I visited the Jumeirah Beach Park..nice spot for swimming and picnic...mostly european crowd of all sizes and shapes. On the way back, I decided to go for the bus. Imagine a small bus stop with barely 3 semi spherical shaped roofs the size of an opened umbrella..each taken by 2 pakistani and myself..waited for nearly half an hr under the burning sun. One of them flagged a car and 3 of us decided to split the cost at about 2 Dhm each..otherwise a cab will costs about 20 Dhm each for the journey. The ride was smooth. Thank God! Next morning, I read on papers how a bangladeshi who did the same thing was robbed and badly bashed by the driver and gang. Phew! Anyway, flag at your own risk..or you could try the camel and let me know how's the hump!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Bus, Taxis or abras...

The last entry was in arabic i think...just testing...anyway, the pic of the common transport here..the water nothing to do with the br.. i have to be careful with words here..just to let u know..the only internet provider engaged a proxy from USA(just like a spam filter) to manage the usage..I think the system is self monitoring..any sensitive words used..even the word fr***d i heard will result in even innocent sites been blocked automatically. Fyi, from your side, you can see all the beautiful pics on my blog..from my end i can only see the texts and X for pics...the expats here are fuming do me a favor..when u submit any four letters word pls..

to buy a big fat fish! This morning, went to the wet market with some's 10 times the size of ours in singapore...quite well maintained and organised...all stalls are mend by guys in blue...the fishes, vegetables, fruits, dry stuff are located at different parts of the market...and another section is strictly for scaling and cutting fishes..for that they charge about 50 cents per kg..

At the fishes counter....u will hear tick tock sound all over...loud and speedy...the guys are using knives and hammers to cut those big fishes....and they also provide wheelbarrow services...not for plants..but to transport your purchased items to the carpark..for a small fee of 20 cents, the guy will push for u..we should have that in singapore..create more jobs! so clever...

Meow...will go for my fish meal now!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

off day in Dubai

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Had my first off last friday, 17 June. Went out with a filippino colleague Jose. Funny guy! He has 4 kids...the eldest 2 with 2 separate women..the last two with the present wife. We decided to roam Bur Dubai for a start..just an orientation. Be prepared..lots of sunblock! or hide under a tree or bush..or squat besides the shadow of a car if u want to survive your slow walk around town. Its scourging hot!

Had a wonderful set italian pasta cum salad n drink in a cafe inside Carrefour..only S$7 net! the salad is filled with veges of all sort..served in real ceramic plates unlike our pastamania..plastic plates back home!

Relaxed at the Marina off Dubai Creek...mainly for angmohs..very nice afresco cafe facing the sea...after 6.30pm..good place to watch the glorious sunset..and sipping champange..

Late afternoon...visited the Burjamun Shopping centre...mega mega ! all branded shops...u name it they have it..even a conveyor style sushi restaurant..

Next week, we shall visit the jumeirah beach where we can swim and view the beautiful Burj hotel nearby.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Beautiful Dubai

am in love!!
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Dubai is one heck of a country...beautiful mega buildings...trees, plants, flowers etc everywhere...everything is almost well maintained...only 20% are the local.the rest from all over the whole..its a melting pot of diverse nationalities, cultures...many shops are run by indians...
For 15 Dhm (about 6 sing dollars), I managed to get 5 juicy red apples, 8 del monte bananas, a piece of swissroll,2 cans of tuna, 2 lemons..not too bad.They have beautiful kids..cute looking.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A quick tour

Burj Al Arab
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..took a 10 mins walk (more like a sprint!) under the scourging sun..the heat felt like needles on your lunch at a foodcourt..many indian stalls but very mediteranean in style..lots of salad/olive oil/vinegar/pita bread..etc
I tried the chinese fried noodles at 12 Dhm per mainland chinese.Ok...they have movenpick, hardrock, planet hollywood,carrfour, branded goods, rude indian shop owners..rude fatimah mending the telecom counter for new SIM card..otherwise generally nice people..oh by the way, there's a beautiful man made lake around the place im staying...excellent for cycling, jogging and farting

Arrival in Dubai

Left Changi Airport, 13 June, 2330pm on Singapore Airline. Arrived in Dubai International Airport 14 June, 0230am (Dubai Time, 4 hours behind Singapore). Beautiful Airport..very european in style. Our airport is very efficient...BUT somehow lacking in character. Checking out is a need the stupid white card that we all hate to fill in.

The taxi is almost like a space wagon..friendly driver..nice habibi music..half an hour to my accommodation..arrived there 4.00 am..peak dark. The trip is about 80 Dirham (Dubai currency)..5 Dirham is about 2 sing dollars..go figure off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Monday, June 13, 2005


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This is going to be the highest building in the world when it is completed in 2008. It's an honour to be involved in such an awesome building.


The Dutches of Bastakiyah!
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This regal looking cat is found in Dubai. Our lonkang cats have lots of grooming to do.

Anyway,some crazy guy sent me a sms yesterday. Did a countdown by hrs for my departure this evening. Thanks to him..i had a severe head spin.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

A special request

Street wisdom
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well..for a group of talented god-sistas from TMP..u know who u are..but not many people in the world here's the list: jenisia, titu, mapu, la ma irene, lori jia, facheehah, usanajen, oi lai,pickled papaya specialist and cat charbo
By the way, if u are keen to meet this 2 rich and wise guys from dubai..let me know, esp facheehah.
By the way, thanks for the wonderful mee rebus time i will love Friska

Finally to Dubai

ya..Im leaving for Dubai this coming monday 13 June 2005, 2330 by SQ. What u want? and stop staring before I pound on u..yes u! Meng Fei who complaint that we are boring creatures!
Keep your fingers crossed u boring humans..when Im in my element..will keep u posted of my adventures there!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

My name is puteh (white)

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Puteh: Meow..hallo Black feline..heard your boss sent you an email today izit? heard your visa should be ready in 2 days time.
Black feline: Ya..true..meow. So how about you? heard you are goin to london to see the queen? meow.
Puteh: Shut up! mind your own business! u lokang (from the drain) cat!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Circular Tennis Court !

burj tennis
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It's incredible! the one and only outdoor, circular tennis court on top of the Burj Arab Hotel in Dubai. Agassis was there..and Tiger Wood actually did a Tee off. Take note Fear Factor..will be nice to see the participants jump off from there. Sorry, I have height phobia. Will TRY to check it out when I arrived.

Pigeon In The Wheel, London

Pigeon In The Wheel, London
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This is a lovely shot! The almost monochrome colour tone is superb! and has a very surrealistic feel to it..the lone the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The preparation

Relocating to Dubai is going to be the ultimate challenge for me. The last time I was in Surabaya, Indonesia for 2 years...involved in a 1500MW (megawatt) power plant project. That was real fun..especially on the weekends..just a few hours away to Mount Bromo and Bali. I was in Dubai a few years ago..only for a week transit from Kuwait. It was already full of grandeur then. Anyway, told myself, for this long stay..I must have 3 things in place:
1. fitness facilities..already checked. There's a pool and jogging pathway along a river? within the location Im staying. In addition, they actually have fitness clubs and kick boxing classes in Dubai! Im impressed.

2. lots of sun-blocks, moiturizers...etc

3. lots of supplements..etc

That's all i need..the rest is secondary really. I won't miss laksa, kway teow..etc