Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wind Towers

august2005 003
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Such sight is becoming a rarity in Dubai in the name of modernity...the municipal is scratching its head..to have more mega buildings but at the same time how to preserve a piece of their history...the wind tower of ancient is basically a ventilation system for cool air to enter during the night and hot air to escape during the day..quite brilliant.

Anyway, the passe King of pop is in town...he loves the UAE...maybe the kids here look gorgeous...hmmmmmmmm....

the weather is getting better..good news for all..

Friday, August 26, 2005


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Zodiac Dome

This shot was taken by yours truly..at the Burjumun Mall...like an observatory tower. The effect is stunning! Dubai never fails to surprise...daily.

The latest craze in the pipeline, hope its not a joke or hoax:
Plans have been unveiled for a $1bn rotating city at Dubailand, according to a report by ITP. The development is expected to include around 20 apartment towers with rotating floors, villas that float on water, as well as "flying" villas that revolve while moving up and down on supports. The world first city would be one of more than 200 individual projects making up Dubailand.
Reported by ameinfo

My Security Pass

My Security Pass
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With this pass...u are entitled to a free stay at the Burj Arab Hotel...just kidding!

Things are perking up in UAE, particularly in Dubai:

1. The Transportation Authority is going to build air con bus stops which is really a relief for many...it's part of the campaign to encourage people to use the public transport more often.

2. A piece of good news that brings smile to all expats here..
In the past,if your work permit is cancelled by termination or resignation..you will get a 6 mths employment and entry ban..totally. This is deemed rather unfair to employees. The latest revamped law which was announced yesterday lifted the entry ban. However the employment ban stays for 6 mths. I think it is fine as long as you are able to return immediately on visit visa..and do whatever..u know what i mean?I got a feeling the loophole is intentional...anyway, nobody is crying foul...habibi..this is Dubai for u.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

For Rony

In Dubai, every taxi driver has a tale to share..and i like to chat them up..from Pakistan, India, Syria, Sri Lanka...etc some as long as 20 yrs here..they literally watched history in the making..from desert to an almost cosmo city...

Rony is from Sri Lanka, he lose his 6 mths old daughter, 3 sisters and mother to the damned tsunami. He and his wife are learning to cope and pick up the pieces again..as he said, tears dried up and life goes on. He is driving to make enough in about 2 yrs to build his house again..and he gets to see his wife once a month..she's working as a housemaid in Dubai.


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This is a common sight in Dubai...shawarma or commonly known as doner kebab...lamb, beef or chicken wrapped with pita bread.Lately, a slight huha here..the authorities had ordered all the small outlets to shift the grills indoor..i guess the reasons are pollution and hygiene. I am not a fan though..but u must give it to those guys..doing the grilling outdoor is really hell! I passed by a store once...and let me tell u..the heat generating from the grill is worst than the summer heat! By the way, the particular guy was drenched with buckets of sweat..and flies swarming around...

Give me a popiah anytime!

Friday, August 12, 2005

VAT and PROs....

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This piece of ugly beef zing is specially ordered for jennisia of TMP..and those who desperately need brain nutrients..for a good 25Dhm net (about S$12)...not too bad...I know back home at VINES u could get a set for the same amount..

In Dubai, the government is currently exploring the VAT concept..value added tax...which i think is inevitable...with all the developments...infrastructures, amenities..etc u need funds to pay for them...plainly speaking. Therfore, the easiest way out is to implement the VAT.Somehow, I think the top guns here should stay away from countries like Singapore...(half in jest).. too many stifling rules is a killjoy.

There are about 300,000 expat PROs (Public Relation Officers) in this country, according to a local report. No, Facheeha...they are not ladies wearing side split to the waist cheongsams working in certain cheap niteclubs in geylang.

The job of a PRO here is very vital...he/she is engaged by a foreign company to deals with various government agencies. However, as part of the new emiratisation policy...this job will be given to only the nationals. In Dubai, there are about 24,000 unemployed nationals..to keep them oput of social mischiefs (coined by someone)...this direction might ease the problem a bit. In Carrefour, it's not unusual to see NOW...local ladies working at cash counters..for 3500dhm per month. However, the big question is what will happen to the expat PROs who will be phased out in a year? and are there sufficient locals, keen or unemployed who fit the bill?

Anyway, eat and shop as much as u can while u are here...otherwise, with the VAT intro...tax haven Dubai will be history!

expatriate or expertriate?

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What is an expatriate?
By defintion: he/she is a person who leaves his/her native country to live and work in another.

In Singapore..somehow we got it all wrong...the expat(for short) is someone who is highly educated, huge remuneration package, preferably staying in district 11, dine in posh restaurants daily, member of exclusive club(s)...and must be caucasian...that's our misguided perception. Our foreparents who came from China or India..etc to Singapore to search for a living were the first expats...they were coolies and labourers...

In this aspect...the UAE and many countries, I think, got it right...

A taxis driver from Syria working in Dubai for the past 20 years is an expatriate....not only by definition but most importantly by recognition.

Next time when we visit little india or tekka back home....remember the so called foreign workers (labelled by our government)are expatriates too.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Knock Knock...anybody home?

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hmmmm...tempted many times to knock on the door..always closed. I like to meet new friends u know...and tech stuff too..

maybe...immunity in dubai..LOL..shhhh! dont tell those idiots from u know where..

Ramen on your face!

This is the funniest news I have read so far..and it's real:

A lady passenger (thai) was using her mobile on board a budget airline in Bangkok..she was told by an air stewardess to switched off. Next moment, she ordered a bowl of instant noodle..not sure which brand..must be the extra spicy type..from the same stewardess...

She smashed the piping hot noodles onto the stewardess' face..ooch!! she was angry with her for being rude...

Now, they are sueing one another..the culprit? hahahahah...claimed she was provoked!

Anyway...this is certainly a new way to get back on those who bother u too much....NOT FOR CHILDREN!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Nice looking...from the outside

enter at your own risk..a scary experience when u tried boarding this creature in dubai...by the time u got in..missing buttons, torned sleeves, hairs stuck on your face, broken handbag,hands and legs...etc almost..and worst if you are a lady..chivalry is not a common word here..be prepared to be pressed front and back especially by hungry looking wolves!

coffee and armstrong

coffee and armstrong
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one of my favorite haunts is this nice cafe in Carrefour..Barista cafe..excellent cupucino...the cream topping comes with different motifs on the surface..i love the palm tree design..a real innovative idea..too bad..the pic shown is not even half cup..it's finished..a merlion or esplanade motif in any of our cafes back home will be cool!

Armstrong band is quite fashionable here...among the expats..and locals alike. You have the silly dumbo, like in singapore..putting on 101 different coloured bands as well.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Beware of snakes!

doing fine...
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Snakes are everywhere here in Dubai! Wait a minute..before u throw stones and cry foul..hear my sad tale.

Today, got a local manpower agent to supply 15 workers for the site. They came early in the morning for the safety orientation/security pass processing. Prior to that, I have collected copies of the workers' passports, visas and labour cards. Checked thoroughly and submitted to the main contractor for processing.

It was found out they have doctored 13 of the workers' documents. How? they actually used photos of the workers and pasted them on the documents of other workers.

When I confronted them..horror of horrors..no signs of remorsement..absolutely no shame..tried to explain everyone is doing it here..promised to supply bona fide workers to replace asap..I terminated the contract immediately..because the entire conversation was done via phone..i missed the chance to bash their stupid faces against a burning hot wall just down the road of bur dubai!

Leeson learnt: Next time, make sure to check the actual documents.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

King Fahd is dead

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King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has passed away. In Dubai, a declaration of 7 days mourning.

On my end, Im almost in tears...had 2 cases of chicken pox about 2 weeks ago. Now, I have 5 new cases! Understand during this period of July/August..the cases of chicken pox are extremely high among children and the foreign workers.

In any case..life, death and sickness are part and parcel of our transition on earth..we are all green card holders..and thereafter where are u heading my friend?